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  • Sita Bibaha by Mohan Sunder Dev Goswami, released on May 3, 1937 is the first Oriya film. Starred by Makhanlal Banerjee, Prabhabati, Mohan Sunder Dev Goswami, based on the marriage story of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita, first released in the Laxmi theater of Puri.
  • Lalita directed by Kalyan Gupta and produced by Great Eastern Movieton released on 1949. The story is based on Lord Jagannath and King Indradyumna. Star casted by Lokanath Mishra, Uma Banerjee, Sumati Devi and Pankaj Nanda.
  • Sri Jagannath directed by Chita Ranjan Mitra and produced by Roopa Bharati released on 1950 was a HIT film. The star casts of this film are Gopal chandra ghosh, Gloria rout, Chapala nayak, Rama chandra mania.
  • Dasyu Ratnakar directed by Prabhat mukherjee and produced by Krushna Chandra Tripathy sharma is a super hitfilm of 1962. The star casts of this film are Veteran actor Prashant Nanda, Sarat Pujari and Shanti.
  • Jaya Dev directed by Byomkesh Tripathy and produced by Kalyan Gupta is also a super HIT film in the year. The story linebased on Odiya Sanskrit poet of ‘Gita-Gobinda’ Jayadev. The star casts of this film are Sahu Samuel, Safeli and Byomkesh Tripathy.
  • Krushna Sudama directed by Nitai Palit and star casted by Gobinda Tej, Tripura Misra, and Anita Das was HIT film of 1976.
  • Sati Anusaya directed by A. Sanjeevi and star casted by Chakrapani, Narendra Mishra and Maheswata Roy, released in year 1978.
  • Sree Krushna Rasalila, Mathura Bijaya and Nila Madhaba released in 1979.
  • Jai Maa Mangala directed by Akshaya Mohanty, star casted by Chakrapani and Roja Ramani released in the year 1980.
  • Sita Laba-Kusha dubbed from Telugu film in year 1980; directed by Jagdish Chandra and star casted by Uttam Mohanty and Aparajita.
  • Debajani directed by Byomkesh Tripathy and star casted by Uttam Mohanty and Shrabani roy, released in the year 1981.
  • Bhakta Salabega directed by Radha Panda in the year 1983 was a Super HIT film in Oriya, star casted by Uttam Mohanty, Anita Das and Hemanta Das.
  • Mahasati Savitri directed by Sona Mukherjee, star cast by Tapati Bhattacharya, released in the year 1983.
  • Raja Harischandra and Basanta Rasa in the year 1984.
  • Naga Panchami (remake) directed by Vijay Bhaskar released in the year 1993 was a BIG HIT.
  • Maa Gojabayani (a social mythological story based on Goddess Gojabayani of Kendrapada) in year 1998.
  • Jai Jagannath is the last mythological film till date. It was directed by Sabyasachi Mohaptra, produced by B.Chintu Mohapatra star casted by Sarat Pujari, Sritam Das, Jyoti Misra, Mohini Shilalipi, which released on 13 July 2007.


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