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In the auspices of Shri Jagannath Temple Administration , Puri and sponsorship of Shri Jagannathaji Seva Trust , Kolkota “SHRI JAGANNATHA PANCHA RATRA & SHRI JAGANNATHA MANDIR AIKYA STHAPANA SAMMELAN” held in Puri Saradhabali from 9th Feb 2012 to 14th Feb 2012.
In the chairmanship of Gajapati Maharaja of Puri, group of eminent Sanits and Pandits agreed to the new tradition named “ SHRI JAGANNATHA PANCHA RATRA” . 5 days long Yagna, Parayan of SKANDA PURAN and evening discourse by saints decided to be included in PANCHA RATRA ritual. A prayer made to His Holiness Puri Shankaracharya Swami Nischalananda Saraswati ji Maharaj for approval of PANCHA RATRA PADHATI. His Holiness expressed his happiness in this matter and said “ the name PANCHA RATRA is available in mostly all sanatan vedic texts. “NARAD PANCHA RATRA” is quite popular one. Though the method or process of SHRI JAGANNATHA PANCHA RATRA has no resemblance to that of old ones, but it can be designed in that way and the message of Lord Jagannatha can be spread across the world.”

Big pandals erected on saradha bali( holy sand bed infront of Shri Gundicha Temple), Replicas of Lords wooden statues placed on the center stage. Traditional style Yagna Sala was ready for Mukti Mandap Pandits . Sound , light, seating arrangements for four thousand devotees/delegates were ready. All these arrangements was duly supervised by volunteers of famous “ADITYA BAHINEE”. Accommodation and publication work were carried out by SHRI JAGANNATHA SANSKRUTI PARISHAD”, Bhubaneswar. Charan Gosthi were busy in kirtan and kitchen arrangements. Temple officials are engaged in overall supervision and coordination with Gajapati Maharaja.
9th Feb morning witnessed a huge turnout of delegated of 700 Jagannatha Temples including 40 from outside state, 5 from other countries. They settled well in the pre booked hotels, dharma salas, lodgings, guest houses .
In the evening , with lightening of the lamp by His Holiness Puri Shankaracharya Swami Nischalananda Saraswati ji Maharaj and in the presence of Gajapati Maharaja Dibya Singha Dev, Chief Administrator of Shri Jagannatha Temple, Collector of Puri, eminent saints across the country, managing committee members the Inauguration of SHRI JAGANNATHA PANCHA RATRA done. Lots books and CD’s based on Shri Jagannatha by various authors and organizations unfolded by Pujyapad Shankaracharya ji.
10th Morning witnessed starting of Yagna rituals and and workshop for delegates of various Shri Jagannatha Temple administrators and Pujaks. Two days long workshop distributed into four sessions of two hours duration each. Gajapati Maharaja actively participated in two sessions by answering different questions about establishment of new temples and management of existing Shri Jagannatha Temples. Simultaneously, orientation programme for Orators and saints started at Purussotam Vatika conference hall, CT Road, Puri. Pujyapad Shankaracharya’s divine message was main attraction. Puri Govardhan Peeth’s e-Newspaper inaugurated by Gajapati Maharaja by clicking the button of laptop.

On 12th,13th Feb daily Parayan of Skanda Puran, Yagna and evening pravchan by Baba Sachidananda ji Maharaj attracted thousands of devotees to Saradha bali. 14th Feb afternoon Purnahuti of five days long Yagna Work performed in the Presence of Gajapati Maharaja and other Saints. The concluding ceremony with Shri Jagannatha feeling all around took place from 7PM-9PM.
With smile and happiness on everybody’s face and Shri Jagannatha in everybody’s heart and mind ,Six days long PANCHARATRA programme concluded. Everybody was hoping this programme will be again and again in different parts of Odisha, India and abroad.
Jai Jaganatha , Jai Jaganatha , Jai Jaganatha …

Manoj Kumar Rath

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