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The suklapakhsya tritiya tithi of Baisakha month is named as akshaya Tritiya.this day is known as a holy day all over india. by doing holy things like snana,dana,japa,tapa,sradha,dhyan,yagana etc in Akshaya tritiya gives unlimited results.this day is also so powerful that although the evil time is present ,but in akshaya tritiya all works like Griha arambha, Griha pratitstha,Grihaprabesha ,devata nirman,krishi karya arambha, Byabasaya arambha are done.

The Akshya tritiya has very much importance in Sri mandir (Jagannath temple at puri).From this day,the chariot making work of world fomous rathyatra is started and the fomous Nouka bihar or Chandan yatra of sri Jagannath mahaprabhu is also started.To save shree jeus (Shree Jagannath ,Shree balaram and maa subhadra)from extrem heat ,which cold treatment is done that is starts from this Akshya Tritiya.In the cold treatment Chandan seva,Nokua Vihar,Jalakrida,Alata seva,Chamar seva,Pana seva(cold juse)are done upto 42 days.

From the previous day of Akshya Tritiya ,the sandal paste is kept in a silver Pingana(bowl).After the morning bhog in that day ,the sandal paste is kept on ratna singhsan after making 3 time pradakhina with a great procession.Pujapanda,puspalak,pati mahapatra,mudirastha,mekap perform  this seva.These sevaks give this sandalpaste in the sri anga (body of detis)of the Shree jews.After this chandan besa is done by giving garlands etc.

During the mid day bhog ,Rama,Krishna and madanamohan are sitted in Ratnasinghsana,with the shree bigrahas (dities).Their bhogs and bandapana is also done.After getting the AYGA MALA(parmission simbl)from the shree Jews Ramkrishna in one bimana and Madana mohan ,Laxmi and Saraswati in another Biman go the Narendera Sarobar for making Jalakrida.

After giving AYGA MALA from shree anga for Jalakrida,three pujapandas bring three pieces of separate AYGA MALA for the constration of chariots.The five Mahadevs of puri(Lokanath,Markendaswar,kapalamochan,Jambeswar and Nilakantha)who known as Pancha pandav goes with their Bije Pratima(chalati Bigraha)in separate bimans with Madanmohan to Narendera sarabara for Jalakrida.

In front of srinar(palace of Gajapati maharaja at puri),that day yagna are done by the temple purohitas.After the biman reaches in front of sri Naar ,the Sadibandha of carpenters(a system to give authrisation to work)are done.Three pujapand give their AYGA MALA to three wooden pice wich are kept in front of shree naar. Carpenters tuch their equipents to the wooden pice as starting of chariotsmaking work.

After this ,the deities go to the Narendea sarobora . To do the Naam Sankirtan seva with the dities is the responsibility of Goudiya vaishnava sangha.While the deities go in the biman ,the badadanda is vibrated in the sound of Naam sankirtan, stuti,staba,bhajans and haribolo.From before two boats are prepared and kept in the Narendera sorabar.Their names are BAIRATEKA and SUNANDA.The deities come and at first sit in the boats .In first boat Madanmohan with Laxmi and Saraswati and in second one Krishna Balaram with Panch pandav sit.The two boats make one round in the Naraendra Sorabar .During the nakua vihar different sevas like Chamar,Tambula,Puspamalya etc are given to deities.This is called “Day Chapa”.After this the deities come out of the boat and do jalakrida in the sandal tubs.After coming out of the sandal tub ,general besa is made and sital bhogo(different type of fruits)is offered.After bhogo ,the bhogo the deities are decorated in ornaments .There are 21 different beshas on 21 days outer chandan yatra.After besha Mandua Bhogo(A sweet made of wheat,suger and paneer)is done.After bhogo the deties again do the Nakua vihar.This is known as “NIGHT CHAPA”.After this deities go to SriMandir by biman.

Observing this Function of Sri Jagannath ,his thousand of devotees make their eyes and life holy and drown themselfs in the sea of bhakti of ALLMIGHTY.

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